Facebook Marketing Strategy

14Mar, 2017

Marketing that is content is a success defining component for the companies of today. Better the content advertising better is the company. Advertising in a manner that is right may provide your business an exposure. You have to pay focus on marketing and content creation. With every passing day, we see trends emerging in virtually every facet of marketing. From Facebook, Twitter into Snapchat platforms has been emerged, promising to deliver value.┬áTo remain competitive, businesses have to remain updated with the trends that are emerging. That’s why I aim to shed light which you should watch in 2017. Being from some time in tendency, videos will continue to lead the articles advertising.

Increase Click through rate by 200-300% Videos boost conversion by 80% 64% of clients make purchasing decisions after viewing the video each year, YouTube reports increase in video views. Marketing through videos is powerful, but it does not mean you start doing it. You should do strategic video advertising to squeeze juice. Make align and videos. Deliver your new message Communicate your new narrative Explain your value proposal Build relationships with prospects and your customers. Additionally, you need to be cautious when creating videos. A dull video or a video that will not have any value for clients will go in vain.

Do’s: Videos should be proactive and carry value for your clients. Videos shouldn’t be too long or not long enough Videos shouldn’t be dull Videos shouldn’t be offensive by any mean. So heads up for 2017 and plan to socialize and convert your clients through strategic online video marketing. As reported on Bloomberg, each month Snapchat gets around 10 billion views and 100 million active users. Imagine the broader audience you can achieve by using Snapchat. With all the passage of time, Snapchat added features it makes it an extremely interesting marketing medium for companies. 2017 is likely To see exponential growth in Snapchat usage for content advertising.

Which means nothing useless, only the message it.
you actually want to convey. Not only it’s extremely engaging, it also allows easy interaction with clients. Introduce your company Conveys your inspiring narrative Create a teaser Offer a discount or marketing Find the talent Promote your product. So keep your fingers crossed in 2017 into exploring thousands of ways that you may use Snapchat to reach larger audiences. Whatever medium you’re using for content advertising, ensure that the content you’re marketing is valuable. It ought to be informative, educative and interesting.

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