Social Media Management

The first thing to keep in mind while creating a unique concept on Social Media and Digital Strategy is the selection of apt Social Media Channel. We should know where we are going to market our business and how we are going to target our audience there. There are several social media platforms available on the web, it is important to make smart decision in picking the most suitable ones out of the lot. Here is how we make our decision:

Social Media Channel Choice

The nature of each channel and the engagement preferences of its core community play major roles in deciding whether the content is a good fit or not. For example, the audience might be open to connecting with the brand in a Twitter chat but reserves Snapchat for conversations with personal friends.

Long-form content might play well on LinkedIn or Medium, while memes and captioned photos on these platforms would be inappropriate. It’s important to familiarize the business with the characteristics of each channel and its corresponding community before joining the conversation.

We check the engagement of audience on each channel and then strategize how and what to post on each social media channel. Once, we decide what content we are going to post on each channel, our team then start working on the content.

Branding on Social Media

The primary purpose of branding is to build a trusted connection with the audience. While the goals are important, we need to establish the right tone, the right topics, and the right way for the social team to conduct its conversations. As part of this effort, we review the company’s style guide to help refine the social personality and ensure that the content accurately uses (and spells) unique terms – like brand trademarks, products, and service offerings.
We take care of the brand’s conversation on social media and work closely to set up social media guidelines. For example, everybody who posts content on the brand’s behalf should understand and align their efforts to a single set of social media guidelines to maintain a consistent voice and quality standards across the brand’s conversations.
Generally, we put following criteria in our social media guidelines:
• Distinguish editorial from advertising – commercial messages have stricter rules.
• Get a signed model release for every original image or mention its use on social.
• Include attribution for images sourced from third-party sites and cite original sources for images shared on social channels.
• Remove any content for which we can’t identify the source.

Content Distribution and Audience Trends

Before putting out content in the public domain on any social media channel, we look for favorable industry events, media innovations, or consumer behaviors to capitalize the content distribution through activities like livestreaming video consumption habits, popular emojis and so forth. We brainstorm to figure out how these might impact the tone or speed of content distribution. We check are there any controversies or algorithm shifts that might cause to reconsider audience’s value towards the brand? These are crucial points we always consider while creating social media strategy for our clients.

Consider Current Social Media Events

Our team of experts look closely what is trending on the social media. Trending topics can present timely distribution opportunities. When brands use their social content as a podium for their values– it can earn them a critical boost in visibility and relevance in social media conversations they normally wouldn’t pursue.


When we are going to share?

We just don’t put any content on social media just for the sake of it. Days of research and manpower is used to figure out what and when any content must be released in the public domain. Correct timing brings loads of traffic and catches the attention of the public. We target the audience and post content as per the availability of them. For example: If the targeted audience is free during the evening, we try to post important content in the evening. Similarly, we look for special days and post special content on that day. This helps in bringing more attention of the consumers towards the brand.

Create a Facebook Event Page

Most people log into Facebook at least once a day and we know how to use this opportunity to the best of our ability. With Facebook Event Page we keep the audience informed about the event news by creating page listing. The event page is a great place to encourage networking before the event.
To help make the event a success, we use the new tools added by Facebook such as targeted news feed ads and event insights to measure the effectiveness of our efforts.
As the big day approaches, we send out reminders to encourage people to RSVP on the event page.

Create a Highlight Reel from Prior Events

We create short videos and teasers with montage to post on social media platforms and get quick engagement. Videos provide a unique opportunity to convey the energy and excitement of a live event. We know great visuals and catchy audio are a potent combination that drives crowd. It also creates engagement opportunities as the video is shared frequently than a written post. Create Hashtag and Use it Across all Social Media Platforms
Hashtag seem like a no-brainer, our team of marketing experts create, use and market the event-specific hashtag and use the hashtag well in advance of the event dates. They include it EVERYWHERE. Every digital image, every piece of collateral, email signature… Anywhere one can think of—we share it!
By using an event-specific hashtag, we’ll make it easy for people to find not only what we’re sharing, but what other people are saying, too!
This is also a great way to create and participate in an engaging conversation with attendees and interested parties.
Now we are done creating hashtag, we add it to the Bio (About) section of each social account. An event hashtag in the Bio section is an often-underused tactic, but it has the potential for big gains. Once we have a link to the event, we update the Bio section, and then people have a very simple way to find out more.